AR/VR Smart Glasses Might Be Equipped with Innovative MEMS Scanning Mirror

1D mems technology

Those who think that VR/AR glasses are required only for gaming, you are wrong for sure. The era of virtual and augmented reality brings numerous innovations for a more comfortable life and simplified manufacturing processes. For example, smart glasses are expected to turn out into a real mainstream in 2-5 years. Some models are already on the market but have not aroused public interest yet.

Everything can change with the latest VR/AR smart glasses with MEMS scanning mirror for extremely compact optics and improved projection display. The micro-electro-mechanical systems in the form of chips with the LBS-driven option will be implemented for enhanced functionality of new smart glasses..

What’s New to Wit from AR/VR Smart Glasses with MEMS Scanning Mirror?

It is worth noticing that new models of smart glasses based on virtual and augmented reality will perform improved visualization features. 2D MEMS mirror technologies with laser beam scanning solutions will add extra light and a volumized projection display. At the same time, the size of smart glasses is not going to be larger. It means that modern models will become a happy blend of stylish design and enhanced optionality including:

  • LBS solution of the highest speed;
  • Improved optical and mechanical alignment;
  • A full package for projection performance;
  • Optimized integration tools.

Additionally, the picture that is transmitted is notable with the high-grade resolution. All this is about exceptionally perfect user experience and enlarged opportunities for smart glasses exploitation.

Future of MEMS and Development of Laser & Optic Solutions

To the present-day development of new technologies and innovation-driven approaches in the context of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are going to increase in number day by day.

People would like to simplify their everyday routines while business representatives are searching for solutions to improve and speed up their:

  • operational performance on the factories, plants, workplaces;
  • manufacturing processes through larger scan amplitudes;
  • interactions between employees and tech units.

Together with the implementation of new laser technologies including MEMS scanning mirror for smart glasses, water protection solutions are expected to make new models even more cross-functional..

This way the smart glasses will contain a one-chip MEMS mirror for enhanced projecting properties and a waterproof vacuum pack to enlarge the range of capabilities when it comes to exploitation of the laser-based electronic products.

A new normal of virtual and augmented reality is about extra powerful visualization opportunities, stylish design, easy-to-understand interface, and exceptional protection. New VR/AR smart glasses will perform better than present-day models because they are notable with MEMS mirror solution and water resistance that makes them suitable for manufacturing purposes and everyday routines.