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Maradin offers a full laser scanning solution.  Maradin’s offering is a highly integrated scanning solution, comprised of novel MEMS-based scanning mirrors and Controllers. In addition, Maradin offers system firmware, including real-time synchronization software between the scanning mirror and lasers’ driver, in addition to other system level features.

  • Laser based displays are one of the common applications using Maradin’s scanning solutions. It is designed for high quality, small form factor displays with high reliability requirements. Example for such displays could be found in Augmented Reality (AR) displays, automotive displays (Head-Up-Displays (HUD) and other digital signage and decorative displays.

  • LiDAR and other 3D sensors, based on laser scanning patterns, are one of the growing markets for MEMS scanning solutions. Maradin’s MEMS scanners are ideality fit for the task with the capability of managing high laser powers at various wavelengths at a moderated system cost. Maradin’s full scanning solution, is designed to withstand shocks and vibrations typical for such applications. Maradin’s flexible platform enables an easy integration and a baseline for customization fit any optical requirements of the Sensor.

  • Other Solutions

    Laser scanning is commonly used in various of devices and applications, from home appliances to medical and industrial applications. Maradin’s scanning solution is designed with the basic elements required for a seamless integration to such devices. A reliable, flexible and fully integrated scanning solution, together with a creative team enable to fit it into many devices, bringing the advantages of MEMS based laser scanning.

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