Enabling the use of Lasers

by MEMS based Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) solutions


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Enables the use of lasers for many display and sensor applications through its proprietary advanced MEMS-based laser scanning solutions.

Maradin’s solutions serve as core components for laser projection applications such as interior and exterior laser lighting, Head-Up Display applications, AR/VR laser-based scanning displays, smart glasses displays, MEMS based LiDARs, and many more laser scanning applications.

Maradin’s offering is a highly integrative scanning solution, comprising novel MEMS-based scanning mirrors, mirror controllers, and laser projector system architectures. It also provides real-time synchronization software between the scanning mirrors and lasers – providing a seamless laser scanning projector solution.

A full laser beam scanning (LBS) solution, comprises of MEMS Mirror, MEMS controller and video controller
Simple to integrate with digital optical distortions correction and laser alignment
Reliable and flexible scanning solution for a wide range of applications

A Full Laser Scanning Solution

A laser scanning projector needs the combination of several components: MEMS mirror scanners, Mirror Controllers and MEMS mirror to laser synchronization system firmware for laser projectors

  • 1D/2D MEMS mirrors solutions

  • Electromagnetic and electrostatic actuation methods

  • A diversity of optical coating on MEMS mirrors for different lasers and applications

  • Shock and vibration durability for high reliable MEMS mirrors

  • 1D/2D MEMS mirror controllers

  • Both analog and digital control schemes

  • Location and frequency feedbacks of MEMS mirrors to support different laser projector scanning modes and applications

  • High stability for MEMS mirror operation

  • Fully programmable mirror controllers

  • Sub pixel timing algorithms according to micro mirrors position

  • Uniform and arbitrary pixel patterns for different applications

  • Optical distortions correction

  • Temperature control and high operation stability

  • MEMS Mirrors size: up to 10mm

  • Different MEMS Mirrors Degrees of freedom: Both 1D/2D scanning

  • Laser Wavelengths: 0.2~2um

  • Mirrors’ Scan pattern: Sine, RAMP, Raster, Lissajous, Point to Point, Other


A: Yes.  The EVK is a full “laser projector” and comes with different options of lasers according to your application.  We make sure the MEMS mirror is suitable for the selected laser

A: Yes.  The EVK provides a connection to external lasers and laser drivers and our MEMS mirror come with a variety of optical coatings for full support in all types of lasers and applications

A: The EVK could use streaming video via HDMI connection, Images that are uploaded to the EVK using a GUI.  It also has an internal pattern generator for various tests of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines

A: Yes.  The EVK could support different scanning regimes, however this needs to be configured by us before using the EVK

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