Enabling the use of Lasers

Laser Scanning Solutions Based on MEMS Technology


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Enables the use of Lasers to many Display and Sensors applications by its proprietary advanced MEMS-based Laser scanning solutions.
Maradin’s innovative solutions, serve as core components for interior and exterior lighting, HUDs, AR/VR displays, Smart glasses, LiDARs, and many more applications.

Maradin’s offering is a highly integrative scanning solution, comprised of novel MEMS-based scanning mirrors, controllers and system architectures. It also provides real-time synchronization software between the scanning mirrors and lasers’ drivers. Maradin offers: Reliability, Stability, Scalability, and Flexibility

We enable the advantages of lasers
Full system architecture
Reliable and Flexible solution

A Full Scanning Solution

Comprised of: MEMS Scanners, Controllers and system firmware

  • 1D/2D Solutions

  • Electromagnetic and Electrostatic actuation

  • A diversity of optical coating

  • Shock / vibration durability

  • 1D/2D controllers

  • Both analog & digital

  • Location and frequency feedbacks

  • Stability

  • Fully programmable

  • Sub pixel timing algorithms

  • Uniform and arbitrary pixel patterns

  • Optical distortions correction

  • Temperature control and stability

  • Mirror size: up to 10mm

  • Degrees of freedom: 1D/2D

  • Wavelengths: 0.2~2um

  • Scan pattern: Sine, RAMP, Raster, Lissajous, Point to Point, Other

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