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MEMS and laser display solutions

Laser-based displays are one of the common applications using Maradin’s scanning solutions comprising a chipset of a MEMS scanning mirror and a controller. It is designed for high quality, small form factor displays such as Augmented Reality (AR) head-mounted displays (HMD), automotive displays (Head-Up-Displays (HUD), informative displays), and any other displays utilizing lasers.

Applications for laser Display Solutions​

Display Solutions Applications for Consumer industry

A laser scanning solution is ideal for immersive display applications that use lasers for a unique user experience.  Maradin provides a verity of solutions for displays starting with a general-purpose scanning solutions to full tailored made display systems

AR/VR Displays
AR/VR Displays are characterized by the need for an immersive large, high resolution display, bringing the virtual world to the actual field of view of the user.

Maradin solution enables:

  • Large FOV
  • Small footprint
  • Low power consumption
Smart glasses
For Smart glasses application Maradin enables a unique user experience by providing:

  • Large FOV
  • Foveated display
  • Working both with light fields and direct retinal display
Laser projectors
Laser projectors are ideal for a WOW effect due to its high brightness and vivid colors.

For laser projectors Maradin provides:

  • Multiple projectors capabilities
  • High resolutions
  • Transparent displays

Display Solutions Applications for Automitive industry

Laser scanning solution is ideal for automotive display applications, serving drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Maradin provides a verity of solutions all in automotive grade

Head Up Displays
Automotive head up displays using lasers for a unique user experience, bringing the AR world to the cockpit.

Maradin solution enables:

  • Large FOV
  • Use of curved surfaces
  • High resolution
  • Reduced heat dissipation
Interior and exterior lighting
Interior and exterior lighting applications using lasers to communicate with other drivers or pedestrians.

For these applications Maradin provides:

  • Large FOV
  • Focus free
  • Flexible system design
Adaptive Head lamps
Adaptive Head lamps could be used not only for lighting but also for communication with other road users.
Maradin solution supports:

  • High frame rates
  • High laser powers
  • Multiples optical designs
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How it works?

System Build Blocks for Laser Display Solutions

The MEMS Mirror

The MAR1100.E is a dual-axis MEMS based scanning mirror targeted for miniature laser projectors and laser steering applications. It is based on industry-leading MEMS technology with novel and precise actuation schemes. The innovative MEMS device combines a fast electro-static actuator and a powerful electro-magnetic actuator, which yields peak performance under varying conditions.

The Controller

The MAR2100 is a Driver and control IC for Maradin’s MAR1100 dual-axis MEMS based scanning mirror. MAR2100 is targeted for miniature laser projectors and laser steering applications. MAR2100 drives and controls Maradin’s MAR1100 dual axis scanning mirror and generates the timing signals to synchronize the laser module through the Host, also called as Data Manipulator. As MAR1100 scanner has two uncoupled actuators – one for horizontal scan and one for vertical scan, MAR2100 controller IC supports both drivers.

The System firmwere

Maradin’s System Firmware is an FPGA code that enables seamless integration of the MEMS Scanners and Controllers to the application hardware. The system firmware comprises of novel algorithms, synchronizing the MEMS angular position and lasers’ modulation signals. The system firmware enables the display pixels’ timing and long term stability. It also enables real-time parameters programming, to control the MEMS scanners and Controllers.

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