Design to Spec

A tailored made solution

Design Flexibility and a vast IP foundation
As scanning solutions are not “one size fits all”, modifications and customizations are usually required.

As a result, design flexibility and IP baseline have become barriers for product development that Maradin overcomes with a unique and innovative platform.



Maradin offers a design to SPEC of a verity of MEMS scanners, in different sizes and shapes, either 1D or 2D, in different scanning patterns.

We choose the best technology to fit your needs, with the flexibility of optical coatings, package size, and materials, MEMS design, etc.


Controllers are complementary to MEMS scanners.  Having said that, a unique MEMS requires a unique controller.

Maradin offers analog or digital-based, different sizes of power consumption controllers to make sure the scanner does what it needs.

Full system

Maradin offers a full scanning solution of MEMS scanners, package, controllers, and system firmware.
Out of the box thinking, creativity and a vast IP background are founding stones for new solutions

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2d scanning MEMS Evaluation Kit enables Maradin`s laser-based projection core components

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