Reference design

MAR3102 scanning and laser timing reference design

The MAR3102 is a Reference Design for a MEMS based laser scanning solution, comprising a MEMS scanner, driving and control electronics and a timing block to synchronize the Scanner position with Laser’s data

MAR3102 enables you to design your own scanning system, based on Maradin’s proprietary scanning solution, for a variety of applications. Such applications could be: laser based displays, laser based sensors and many more.
The MAR3102 is characterized as a flexible design, which simplifies user integration and shortens the time from a concept to a working system. An Evaluation Kit (DM3102), based on the MAR3102 platform is also available.
The MAR3102 platform features: a MEMS Mirror Drive and Control circuits, Two Triple Laser Drivers (LDR), power supplies, a Laser to Mirror (LTM) synchronization algorithms and a data flow controller. In addition, the MAR3102 enables video to be displayed from different inputs, such as HDMI, WIFI, internal stored images and from a pattern generator.
Adding to the MAR3102 platform an optical module, which comprises of the Maradin MEMS mirrors along with laser diodes, results in a fully functional scanning platform. The scanner could be assembled with the laser diodes in a one unified module, or separately according to user requirements. Several laser diodes’ configurations are supported, either RGB, IR, RGB+IR, or custom defined.

Reference design key elements


System Firmware block

Maradin’s System Firmware is an FPGA code that enables a seamless integration of the MEMS Scanners and Controllers to the application hardware.
The system firmware comprises of novel algorithms, synchronizing the MEMS angular position and lasers’ modulation signals.
The system firmware enables the display pixels’ timing and long term stability.
It also enables real-time parameters programming, to control the MEMS scanners and Controllers.
Maradin system firmware is part of Maradin’s proprietary system reference design.

Other key elements

  • MEMS scanners communication

  • MEMS controllers communication

  • Power management blocks

  • System firmware communication

  • Data interfaces

  • API

  • Laser drivers and laser diodes interfaces blocks

  • GUI

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