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Laser Sensors Solutions based on MEMS

LiDAR and other 3D sensors, based on laser scanning patterns, are one of the growing markets for MEMS scanning solutions. Maradin’s MEMS scanners are ideality fit for the task with the capability of managing high power lasers at various wavelengths at a moderated system cost. Maradin’s full scanning solution, including both a MEMS scanning mirror and a controller, is designed to withstand shocks and vibrations typical for such applications. Maradin’s flexible platform enables easy integration and a baseline for customization fits any optical requirements of the Sensor.

Applications for Laser Sensors Solutions

  • Consumer and Automotive

Sensors Solutions Applications for Consumer and Automotive industry

Laser-based sensors are not “one size fits all”.  Very few could offer a solution across the whole application range and  Maradin holds the best offering, utilizing its large technology and IP baseline.

Consumer IR
IR sensor to provide intensity map of IR laser reflections is ideal for identification applications. Maradin solution provides the advantages:

  • High SNR
  • Verity of laser wavelengths
  • Small form factor
3D sensors
TOF 3D sensors are used in consumer and industrial applications. Maradin solution enables:

  • Verity of laser wavelengths
  • Small form factor
  • Verity of receiving technologies
LiDARs market is fragmented to different uses, starting from ADAS use in short range to a high end LiDARs for the long range.

For LiDARs, Maradin enables:

  • Verity of laser wavelengths
  • Non-uniform, changeable, pixel distribution
  • Frequency matching to lasers and receivers

How it works?

System Bulid Blocks for Laser Sensors Solutions

The MEMS Mirror

The MAR1100.E is a dual-axis MEMS based scanning mirror targeted for miniature laser projectors and laser steering applications. It is based on industry-leading MEMS technology with novel and precise actuation schemes. The innovative MEMS device combines a fast electro-static actuator and a powerful electro-magnetic actuator, which yields peak performance under varying conditions.

The Controller

The MAR2100 is a Driver and control IC for Maradin’s MAR1100 dual-axis MEMS based scanning mirror. MAR2100 is targeted for miniature laser projectors and laser steering applications. MAR2100 drives and controls Maradin’s MAR1100 dual axis scanning mirror and generates the timing signals to synchronize the laser module through the Host, also called as Data Manipulator. As MAR1100 scanner has two uncoupled actuators – one for horizontal scan and one for vertical scan, MAR2100 controller IC supports both drivers.

The System firmwere

Maradin’s System Firmware is an FPGA code that enables a seamless integration of the MEMS Scanners and Controllers to the application hardware. The system firmware comprises of novel algorithms, synchronizing the MEMS angular position and lasers’ modulation signals. The system firmware enables the display pixels’ timing and long term stability. It also enables real-time parameters programming, to control the MEMS scanners and Controllers.

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