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The DM5200 is the industry’s first evaluation kit supporting the MAR2200 all-digital MEMS controller integrated with the MAR1110 MEMS Mirror and the MAR3200 video controller

The MAR2200 revolutionizes MEMS control based on dynamic MEMS models, utilizing more accurate and flexible control schemes than current state of the art controllers, resulting in improved MEMS performance. Additionally, the MAR2200 produces unprecedented operational stability despite temperature changes and MEMS manufacturing tolerances. An example of its flexibility is the support of on-the-fly resolution, field of view adjustments, and easy customization for different MEMS mirrors.
The DM005200 is provisioned with a newly modified version of the MAR3200 Video controller. These new video board modifications include dramatically reducing the laser power of conventional control systems by as much as 70% for smart glasses. The video board also allows dynamic foveated rendering of pixel distribution, enabling cooler and longer battery life smart glasses designs.


  • Advanced MEMS digital controller based on dynamic MEMS model

  • Controlled using API and control software

  • Different image sources (pattern generator, image stored on memory and HDMI video streaming)

  • Real-time synchronization between MEMS and laser modulation compensating for temperature changes

  • Pixel adaptive timing for foveated view and laser color adjustments for up to 6 laser diodes

  • Laser color and intensity control with diming resolution of 1:4000

  • Up to 70% laser power saving over conventional power control solutions

  • Based on MAR5200 reference design, shortening OEM time to market



The MAR1110 is a dual-axis MEMS based scanning mirror designed for miniature laser projectors and laser steering applications. It is based on industry-leading MEMS technology with ultra-precise actuation timing to achieve sub pixel location accuracy. The MEMS actuator combines both a fast electro-static actuator and a powerful electromagnetic actuator, which provides maximum field of view, lowest power, and greatest immunity to environmental changes, like temperature, aging, and others.
The MAR1110 is controlled by the industry’s first all-digital driver and controller- the newly released MAR2200. The MAR2200 is the world’s first directly programmable, fully digital MEMS controller with capabilities far out reaching current analog control solutions. These capabilities include high position control of the MEMS, compatibility with different scan modes (raster, Lissajous), compatibility to different MEMS scanners, safety alarms, and more.
The Maradin DM5200 Evaluation Kit is the fastest and simplest way to see for yourself the difference Maradin MEMS technology can make to your LBS product’s performance.

5200 Block diagram

The MAR3200 is a modified version of the proven 3102 video controller. It manages the data and lasers for a full Laser Based Scanning (LBS) display. The MAR3200 has multiple image sources (pattern generator, memory stored images and HDMI video interface) providing the data for projection. The data is sent pixel after pixel, according to a modified pixel timing algorithm to on board laser drivers, supporting up to 8 laser channels. The sophisticated pixel timing algorithm enables foveated display rendering and a laser power reduction mode, dramatically reducing the laser power of conventional control systems by as much as 70% for smart glasses.

Flexibility and Customization


Maradin EVK can be modified for different operating specifications and needs.

  • FOV, Resolution and refresh rates can be modified to meet customer needs

  • Variety of lasers and optics can be added to the EVK upon request


Maradin package can be fully adapted to the needs of different systems.

  • Extended optical head up to 50cm from the electronics

  • Hermetic or non-hermetic package

  • The EVK package can be modified to fit into different evaluation systems


The DM5200 is a plug and play evaluation kit that works with your laser light source

  • API for direct system control

  • Windows-based control SW

  • Multiple data sources

DM5200 Evaluation kit Common Applications

  • Automotive

    Automotive grade design, including a special hermetic packaging with advanced heat dissipation. High stability for vibrations and temperature changes

  • AR/VR Display

    A low power design, with a non-uniform pixel distribution to form a proprietary foveated view. Extremely compact volume and packages options

  • Pico Projector

    A flexible Picture Generating Unit (PGU) design with a verity of laser wavelengths and optical coating options


MAR1110.E General specification
Item Specification
Optical angle (H x V)
Typ.: 45x20 Deg. | Max: 45x30 Deg.
Resolution (HxV)
Typ.: 1280x480 pixels | Max: 1280x600 pixels
Pixel position error
+/- 1/5 pixel
Resonance frequency (H)
10,750 Hz
Resonance frequency (V)
1800 Hz
Effective mirror size (H)
1 mm
Effective mirror size (V)
1.1 mm
MEMS Scanning Module dimensions (L x W x H)
Typ.: 10×5.5×5 mm
MEMS Scanning module power consumption
70 mW (rms)
Typ.: Plastic, Non-Hermetic | Custom: Ceramic, Hermetic
MAR1110.E Optical specification
Item Specification
Throw Ratio
Incident angle (H)
0 Deg.
Incident angle (V)
15 – 22 Deg.
Mirror reflectance
Typ.: 90-98% (Aluminium coating)Max: 99.5% (High Reflective Coating)
Overall reflectance
>85% (Mirror & Optical window)
Wavelength range for reflection
Typ.: 440 -700 mmCustom: Any wavelength upon request
laser max spot size
0.7 mm

FAQs DM5200:

The major difference is that the DM5200 uses a novel digital MEMS controller (MAR2200) along with a modified video controller (MAR3200). Together they bring high image quality and major laser power saving. The DM5200 uses the same MEMS mirror (MAR1110.E) as used at the previous EVK (DM3102) and all of the previous features are supported by the DM5200.

Yes. The DM5200 could be supplied with different lasers and optics upon request.

The DM5200 supports 3 different image sources. A powerful pattern generator enables 1-bit patterns of horizontal and vertical lines images along with diagonal lines for different scan quality measurements. Internal storage enables up to 8, 24 bit images to be stored on board and displayed upon request or as a slide show. An HDMI video interface enables video streaming using HDMI protocol directly from a computer or a mobile phone.

Yes. The DM5200 is controlled by an Application Programming Interface (API). For evaluation proposes, it could be also operated by a Graphic User Interface (GUI) directly from a PC.

  • Fast electrostatic (ES) actuator with minimal power consumption. The ES actuator operates in the self-resonance frequency of the mirror and is ideal for high scan frequencies (tens of KHz).

  • Strong and accurate electromagnetic (EM) actuator. The EM actuator is ideal for point-to-point or slow scan patterns.

  • Capacitive sensors measure the mirror angular position with very high precision and fast response.

  • Sophisticated control circuitry and algorithms perform continuous, close control of the mirror motion, ensuring the utmost accuracy, repeatability and temperature stability.

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