Our Products

MEMS Mirrors

Maradin provides a variety of MEMS scanning mirrors to fulfill a broad range of scanning requirements, including 2D and 1D scanning, different mirror sizes and frequencies.

MAR1100, Maradin’s leading product. Is A 2D Mirror with both electrostatic and electromagnetic actuation methods.


Maradin provides a variety of Controllers to suit its MEMS scanning mirrors selection.

Maradin’s controllers complete Maradin’s full scanning solutions by driving Maradin’s MEMS scanning mirrors in a closed-loop controlled scheme. 

Mirror-To-Laser synchronization and Data Flow

Maradin provides a real-time Mirror-To-Laser synchronization algorithm.  Maradin’s algorithms enable a stable laser modulation timing at different temperatures and scanning conditions.  Along with a powerful API based GUI FOV control, pixels adaptive timing and real-time data flow is achieved.

Evaluation kit

MARADIN’s scanning solution EVALUATION KIT
An easy to use and a straight forward platform for developers and business development personnel. Our EVK enables the evaluation of Maradin’s laser based projection core components. The work along with the EVK shortens the development time, enables flexibility and a fast demonstration of laser projection based on Maradin’s technology.