MEMS Markets in 2021: The Ever-Growing Applications of the Microelectromechanical Systems

MEMS Mirror

The ever-changing situation with the trends on the tech markets is the result of the global digital transformations. One of the most popular devices today are ones based on MEMS technology. The microelectromechanical systems are easily integrated into tech units in automotive, gaming, video projecting industries, and many others. The real boom was caused by the improved performance of the systems where MEMS integration takes place.

For example, laser scanning projector devices with microelectromechanical system functionality provide improved visualization properties. They can be used for accurate estimating, car headlights, construction project planning, etc. Besides complementing the existing tech solution, MEMS-based units can perform the main functionality. As microelectromechanical accelerometers in pocket screens used for screen automatically-undertaken rotations.

It goes without saying that the number of MEMS markets grows day by day. At the present moment, it is possible to make emphasize several of them. Let’s take a closer look at the fast-paced MEMS markets.

The History of MEMS Markets

It is worth noting that the story of MEMS came to a new chapter in the 1990s when a range of automotive applications based on microelectromechanical systems was launched. This way the technology managed to replace the former tech solution – DLP (digital light projector). At the same time, laser mirror scanners started to be used in fully-adaptable driving sensors and hit new markets like:

  • Construction (estimations, measurements, calculations);

  • Gaming (headsets, game controllers, gaming sensors, etc.);

  • TV and live streaming (microphones and gyroscopes);

  • Healthcare (micro-instruments, high-sensitive diagnostic and surgery tools).

In the 2000s, the application spheres of MEMS increased as well. The manufacturers were interested in microelectromechanical systems for innovative game controllers and new-generation smartphones with voice assistants, automatic screen rotations, and other functions. This way the tech market in the context of electronics transformed into a MEMS-friendly one.

Top MEMS Manufacturers on the Modern Market

There are many producers of MEMS mirrors, accelerometers, MEMS-based gyroscopes, projectors, sensors, and other devices. Among the leading manufacturers to take into account are:

  1. Texas Instruments – the company produces digital light projectors based on microelectromechanical systems;

  2. STMicroelectronics – MEMS sensors for smartphones and other new-gen pocket screens for premium and mass markets.

  3. Hewlett Packard – smart cartridges with the MEMS ink-jet technology;

  4. Bosch – manufactures MEMS sensors and develops microelectromechanical systems integrated into the automotive tech units.

These flagship companies are among the top manufacturers but not the least ones on the present-day market. More and more skillful developers appear in the newsfeed with their own discoveries that enlarge the area of MEMS application.

MEMS Markets in 2021: Known Applications and Prospects for Future

As the MEMS’ progress story began with the automotive industry, this market niche stays the most red-radar with plenty of prospects for developers of microelectromechanical systems and MEMS-based tech solutions. The automotive market is notable with the rise of MEMS application cases including sensors for improved driving performance at night, navigators, sensitive and automatically-regulated headlights, etc.

Among other standing and potential MEMS, markets are gaming, electronics, transportation & logistics, the healthcare sector. If the representatives of the automotive market are dreaming to create the automobile of the future equipped with numerous microelectromechanical sensors, light projectors, and controllers, doctors, logistics, and other narrow-direction specialists aspire to get more accurate tools with automatic calculations, measurements, diagnostics, and other options.

Experts state that MEMS is here to promote the mechanical freedom and transparency of most processes undertaken in real time. Automotive OEMs, integration of MEMS gyroscopes, and microsurgery tools with tiny sensors for more accuracy become a new normal of our world. It is expected that the MEMS markets will increase three times only in 2021-2022. These figures can be multiplied by 10,15% in 2023 and further.